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1. Organization Brief Introduction

1.1 Address of the Director-general and resume of the Director-general、Deputy Director-general

1.2 History

1.3 Organization System Charts

1.4 Business Functions and Duties

1.5 Business brief introduction

1.6 Annual administrative plan

1.7 Annual report for administrative achievement

1.8 Statistical data for national property

1.9 Contact Us of the Southern Region Branch and Branch

2. Business Questions and Answers

3 Leasing and Purchasing Case Transaction Process

3.1 Leasing Transaction Process

3.2 Purchasing Transaction Process

4. Law Inquiry

5. News

5.1 The Premier's immediate news

5.2 Important measures of the administration

6. The latest news of this administration

7. Related Websites

8. E-mail box for public opinion

9. Consultation Reservation Service for Foreigners